Calkin Public Affairs is a strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients successfully navigate California’s political, media and public policy arenas. 

As California government and politics become more complex, Calkin Public Affairs offers customized solutions that enable clients to better understand public sentiment, heighten public awareness about key topics, build internal political infrastructure and implement successful public affairs campaigns. 

From moving public opinion to bringing our clients together with key stakeholders, we help clients successfully navigate the political process.

Our approach includes:

  1. Risk assessment analysis and strategic plan development
  2. Message research and development
  3. Timely access to key stakeholders
  4. Media and public relations
  5. Coalition building
  6. Government affairs counsel
  7. Analysis of existing and pending laws and regulations
  8. Negotiation and advocacy

Kelly Calkin has been an in-house political director for a diverse group – California Professional Firefighters, Personal Insurance Federation of California, Pacific Gas and Electric Company – and understands what it takes to build a successful political operation.

Kelly is now bringing these best practices to clients to enhance their legislative, political, grassroots, and communications efforts, including:

  1. Candidate recruitment
  2. Assembly, Senate and Congressional district profiles and analysis
  3. Endorsement process management and recommendations
  4. Corporate and PAC donation strategies
  5. PAC fundraising strategies
  6. Political compliance and gifting strategies
  7. Political benchmarking

Kelly Calkin has worked on dozens of political campaigns and ballot initiates on the local, state and federal levels.

His winning approach to campaigns includes:

  1. Survey research
  2. Analytics, analysis and risk assessment
  3. Strategic plan development
  4. Political and legal compliance
  5. Grassroots outreach
  6. Media production – direct mail, television, radio, phones and on-line
  7. Boutique voter outreach
  8. Survey benchmarking and tracking
  9. Post-election analysis